Inspiring Ideas for Your Contemporary Kitchen

by James Gunther
Crest remodeling contractor

A contemporary kitchen design theme helps to create a distinctive look for your cooking space. You can have minimum aesthetics in such a kitchen and still make an impact. This is precisely why such kitchens are in demand amongst homeowners in Crest. These kitchens are energy-efficient and no wonder homeowners love the prospect of such a cooking space. You can always contact a Crest remodeling contractor to execute contemporary themes in your cooking area.

Is there any difference between modern and contemporary kitchens? This is the first question that should strike you and here is the answer. Modern kitchen designs refer to the trend that was popular from the 1800s to 1960. Contemporary kitchen designs refer to the themes that are popular today.  Here are some inspiring ideas for a contemporary kitchen. With a professional remodeling team by your side, you can plan the execution.

The installation of dark wood cabinets:

The cabinets in a kitchen are always in focus and you can have dark-wood themes for this space. The theme is about having cabinetry that resembles living room furniture. Alongside such cabinets, you could have a spectacular 3d backsplash. The installation of some unique pendant lightning brings about a luxurious feeling to this space.

Use pops of color and pattern:

There has been a mention of colorful cabinetry and eye-popping backsplashes.  However, the key will be to make sure the spot does not become too chaotic, and for that, it is important to apply white color on both the walls and countertops. The floor can have a dark color theme and that should help to anchor the space.

Slab door cabinets:

This is another contemporary design theme that you can have for your kitchen. These doors can give your kitchen area a two-toned look. You can have a gray color for the cabinets and the rest of the cooking space can be white. The marble-patterned quartz countertops with matching backsplashes enhance grace & beauty in the cooking space.

A white kitchen with a waterfall island

The complete white look of the kitchen is also a contemporary theme and it enhances style & elegance in the cooking space. You can have sleek cabinets & quarts with a waterfall island right in the middle. The use of gray tiles and a marble stone backslash should make it an interesting space. You can think of adding a range of textures and patterns. For a bit of playful touch to the decorations, you can try out some unique lightning.

Use of natural wood:

For achieving a contemporary look in your kitchen space, you can have more natural wood in this part of your home. The shelving & countertops that are composed of natural wood look good when you blend them with sleek glossy cabinets.  They certainly enhance aesthetics in the kitchen and are also easy to clean. These cabinets can be fabricated with any color of your choice.

A flexible kitchen with rubber floors:

This is another contemporary theme popular amongst kitchens in Crest. You can try out this wonderful theme for your kitchen space. The blend of plywood cabinets with blue rubber flooring enhances style & elegance in your kitchen area. To bring about flexibility into the kitchen, you can movable cabinets. The rubber flooring brings about a special softness to your feet.


There are abundant choices for you to select from as you are exploring contemporary designs for your kitchen at your home in Crest. There is more that you can try out ranging from having decorative accents to colorful tiles. The remodeling team will meet the execution challenges professionally and you will get the kitchen of your dreams.

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