Top 4 Ana De Armas Movies of All Time

Ana De Armas

by James Gunther
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With her gorgeous looks and stunning acting skills, Ana de Armas is a force to be reckoned with. She blew audiences away with her portrayal of Marta in Knives Out, subverting the stereotype of quiet Latina caretaker into a quick-witted and powerful character.

The actress also delivered another powerhouse performance as Marilyn Monroe in Blonde. With such a diverse filmography, we’ve put together a list of the Top 4 Ana De Armas Movies of All Time.

1. The Informer

Ana De Armas is one of those rare actresses that can do so much more than simply look pretty on screen. She proves that in this film about a woman who goes to unimaginable lengths to get the treatment she needs. The gnula movie is raw and powerful, a stark departure from the bigger productions that De Armas was becoming known for at the time.

Based on a true story, this is a riveting tale of arms dealers who essentially sold weapons to the US government. Jonah Hill and Miles Teller are the eponymous arms dealer duo in this 2016 film, while Ana De Armas plays the love interest of their business partner.

Joel Kinnaman, Rosamund Pike, and Clive Owen round out the rest of the cast in this thriller about an FBI informant embedded in the Polish mob who is forced to go undercover in prison to expose a criminal kingpin. This is a gritty and exciting crime drama that showcases the acting range of all its stars, including De Armas.

2. Corazon

A gripping short drama from the director of Fatal Attraction, Corazon follows Elena Ramirez as she tries to get her visa for a heart transplant in the USA. Ana de Armas utterly dominates this film, giving one of her finest performances. She captivates as Elena, putting a face on social injustice. The ending is especially unforgettable.

In a movie that has been called polarizing and self-satisfied, de Armas does her best to elevate it. She evokes the breathless voice of Marilyn Monroe and, like all great actresses, lets her talent do most of the work for her.

The rest of the cast is solid as well, with Chris Evans at his limber best and Adrien Brody as a new-age Snidely Whiplash. And although it would be easy to criticize Dominik’s insistence on reproducing every scene from one of Marilyn’s movies in exacting detail, there’s something seductive about the movie’s fetishistic allure. A swooning Nick Cave and Warren Ellis score helps, too.

3. Exposed

In Exposed, Ana De Armas takes on a dark and gritty role as a woman who witnesses a murder and becomes entangled in a web of corruption and deceit. Although the film is often criticized for its convoluted plot and messy execution, De Armas’ performance stands out as one of the few bright spots in this bleak thriller.

She is able to bring an air of mystery and sensuality to her character that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. This was an early example of the acting skills that would help De Armas become a star.

Even though this movie isn’t a masterpiece, it shows that Ana De Armas can hold her own alongside big timers like Keanu Reeves. Her ability to take on roles with complex emotions and relationships is one of the reasons she is such a sought after actress today. Her next project is a spin-off of the John Wick franchise in which she plays a ballerina assassin. She is sure to wow audiences once again in this action-packed film.

4. War Dogs

When it comes to action movies, Ana De Armas has definitely done her fair share of them. In this high-paced thriller, she plays Bel, a seductive young woman who shows up at the door of a married man (Keanu Reeves) and wreaks havoc on his life. Though this film is not as good as some of her others, it is still worth watching if you’re a fan of Ana de Armas or action movies in general.

This movie is based on an unbelievable true story about two arms dealers (Jonah Hill and Miles Teller) who got a contract from the US Government to supply them with ammunition for war. The movie is a wildly fun, yet also surprisingly morally unsettling ride. De Armas plays the love interest of the duo, titled Iz.

Although this movie did not have a wide theatrical release, it is a must-watch for fans of Ana de Armas. She stars as Rosa, a young woman who is taken hostage by a man who wants revenge for his family’s murder. This is a dark and intense psychological thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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